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Campaign Type

Once off Set Up Fee        

Cost Per Month      

AdFollow Branding

  • 1 banner in 2 different sizes using the same design and layout
  • Suitable for increased brand awareness
  • Delivers up to 10,000 ad impressions p/m
$499 ex GST$499 ex GST

AdFollow Boost

  • 2 banner designs in 4 different sizes
  • 1 x animated banner if required
  • 1 banner update per month
  • Suitable for 2nd chance sale, can include offers
  • Delivers up to 20,000 ad impressions p/m
$699 ex GST$999 ex GST

AdFollow Optimise

  • 3 banner designs in 6 different sizes
  • 1 x animated banner if required
  • Up to 2 banner updates per month
  • Initial sales conversion strategy development
  • Suitable for promotions, special offers, competitions
  • Delivers up to 30,000 ad impressions p/m
$999 ex GST$1400 ex GST

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Terms and Conditions

I agree to the provision of the goods and services specified in this Order Form in accordance with the published Terms and Conditions as presented below. AdFollow is a product of Aspedia and this agreement is held under the terms and conditions of Aspedia being the parent company.

As the Director/Guarantor’s and in consideration of Aspedia entering into this Contract of Sale (the "Contract") at the request of you “the Guarantor’s”, you guarantee to:

a) The performance and observance by you of all your obligations and warranties under the Contract, before, on and after completion of the sale; and

b) The payment of any other fees payable under the Contract by you to Aspedia.

In the event of any breach by you covered by this guarantee, including the payment of any monthly fees, Aspedia may proceed to recover the amount claimed as a debt from you “the Guarantor’s” without having first instituted legal proceedings against you and without first exhausting Aspedia's remedies against you.

You jointly and severally agree to indemnify Aspedia against any loss, damage or expense of any nature suffered by it or in respect of any action, demand or proceedings made or taken against it as a result of the failure to comply with or a breach by you of your obligations or warranties under the Contract. Paid tax invoices will be forwarded for your records .All monthly fees are to be paid by Credit Card or Direct Debit with Forms supplied by Aspedia. Paid tax invoices will be forwarded by email for your records with a $9.50 account keeping fee per invoice if printed copies are required.

This Agreement commences upon the date you start paying for AdFollow with monthly payments continuing for 6 months minimum. Customers are required to pay all ongoing monthly charges by either direct debit or credit card payments.

The prices on the website exclude GST and the Customer will be liable for any GST payable on a taxable supply (as that term is defined in A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999) made by Aspedia. The Customer will pay such GST at the same time it pays the Charge for such taxable supply.

All credit card payments are processed through a merchant facility under the business name Aspedia Australia Pty Ltd.


  • Advert impressions depend on the package chosen and sufficient traffic volumes being generated from the client’s website
  • All copy, logos, branding materials are to be supplied by the client
  • Aspedia will only provide 1 round of designs for banners, any changes requested will be at additional cost to the client
  • Tracking code will need to be added to your website and privacy policies may need to be edited to include specific data collection info and these will be provide by Aspedia to you
  • It is the customers responsibility to ensure the privacy policy and terms and conditions on their website are in accordance with Google’s published T&C’s regarding Google Remarketing
  • The agreement period is the amount of time your visitors will be ‘refollowed’ and the longer the period chosen the longer you continue to keep your message in front of people thereby increasing the chance of a return visit and hence conversion
  • The initial payment required is the setup fee and the first month’s campaign payment together as the campaign is set up

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