Brand Awareness

Retarget repeatedly to 100% of the traffic that leaves your site.

A major goal of any business should be to build a brand association with your targeted audience by displaying your brand over and over again until they are ready to make a decision to buy or contact you.  It can often take up to 17 displays of your brand before front of mind awareness and instant brand association starts working.

The power of brand association

Once your brand becomes a familiar name to your targeted audience you will find that being front of mind each time they think of your industry is the most powerful marketing strategy anyone could achieve.  Many companies spend hundreds of thousands each year building their brand association using TV, Radio, Print or Sponsoring events with no clear target market in mind.

There are many applications for using Adfollow to boost conversions back to your website, generate an instant enquiry or continue building your brand awareness to a targeted audience.

For Example: Display your brand repeatedly in front of people who leave your website.

John needs to treat his dog for fleas. He’s looked around for products but has not purchased.
After visiting he sees their banner ads regularly wherever he goes on the web.
When he finally realises he can’t put it off any longer he knows exactly who to call.